4 Easy Steps To Planning Your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an emotional rolla-coaster! From the flowers, to the dress, to the groom, to the cake, its just an endless tunnel of decisions! To try and help lower stress levels we are going to share some important tips that any future bride or groom should know before tying the knot!

1) Pick the guest list first.

Although starting to plan a wedding is exciting, and knowing me, I would go straight into dress shopping! But it’s important to choose the guests before your pick the perfect venue that only fits your immediate family! The number of people coming impacts almost every part of the wedding planing! Don’t waste your money paying for guests that don’t exist yet.

2) Blowing the Budget

One of the most critical numbers that may ever agree on! It’s important to stick to your budget, although it can be a nightmare! Try to make your choices as minimal as possible and force a family member or partner to keep you’re spending in check! After all, it’s a lot of money to spend for one day!

3) Picking a Venue

You need space for all your family and friends without feeling like your all crammed in a can of sardines! Everyone needs room to breath and more importantly… dance! Make sure it has the look that fits your style and taste in every way! I’m sure the event planners will bend over backwards to make your dreams come true so don’t be afraid to ask!

4) DIY Overload

There are plenty of benefits to DIY because no one can do the exact same as you. You know how you want it, and you’re the only one that can to it perfectly. I get it! But to do a whole wedding yourself is crazy! My advice, DELEGATE, DELEGATE AND DELEGATE! Rather than taking on too many project, pick the ones that are most important to you, get others to help you!

You only get to have this wedding once, so make it your own and let it be as perfect as you are! Our last piece of advice is… be patient, be smart and don’t forget to enjoy this wonderful experience!

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