What is the benefit of early bird event registration?

There is debate as to whether offering early bird registrations have value and return what the discount is worth.

  • Firstly, an early bird registration creates a “buzz” about the event.
  • With the current economic climate, all businesses are looking at any way possible for savings, and the early bird special rates are attractive and motivating. With this in mind, it also allows for an influx of funds to start to cover the operational expenses of the event.
  • Early bird registrations allow you to monitor your attendance numbers and analyse marketing strategies to see what tools are really working for you. There is no use offering discounts if the required demand response is not going to translate into event success.
  • A new strategy emerging is to forego the “early bird” well known and well hashed phrase – by promoting a “late fee” for registrations received past a certain date. An interesting and practical solution to avoid the last minute, time-consuming updating and preparation for the event.
  • In regards to Expos and Exhibitions, definitely the Suppliers and Sponsors are enticed by benefit from selecting the best stand and branding locations as well as receive the benefit of their brand being marketed early alongside the event – hence longer marketing airtime.