Setting the Theme for an Event

Being an event planner is undoubtedly a lot of fun, but it does come with its challenges. Some clients prefer to choose their own theme and simply ask you to source the decor for the occasion. Others may have no idea and will request you to come up with something appropriate. To ensure that you can cater to all tastes, it is wise to keep a stock of decorative items organized into different themes.

Building Up Your Decor Stock

A few well-chosen items for each different theme go a long way in ensuring the event’s success. An excellent idea is to buy a variety of prints from Desenio. They have a vast collection at affordable prices, and their website is easy to navigate to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Prints and posters are easy to hang on a temporary basis and can be simply taken down at the end of the event, ready for another occasion.

Choose Your Theme

When looking for appropriate wall art, the Denesio website is organized in different categories. For example, you can head straight to the animal section. These posters would brighten up a child’s birthday party, and they will enjoy identifying each animal. With nearly 500 animal posters to choose from, it won’t take you long to build up stock ready for any event.

Many of the designs are quirky and colorful, such as a bear riding a bike or a lemur eating ice cream. These will be a great talking point and will help to get the guests socializing. Perhaps the event will be music or movie-themed. And Desenio has a massive selection of iconic images to suit the occasion. Who could forget a classic photograph of Freddie Mercury strutting his stuff on stage or the glamorous Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

No matter what the event, you are sure to find fabulous posters and frames at Desenio. They are an innovative yet simple way to liven up any occasion.

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