What Event Planners Consider When Choosing Event Venues

Organising an event requires that you make a series of decisions. And choosing the right event venue is one of those decisions that significantly impact an event’s outcome. Things such as the event date, availability of the attendees, and the catering options can be affected by the venue you choose. Well, this is not meant to intimidate you but to underscore the importance of selecting the right venue. That said, here are some essential factors to consider when choosing an event venue.


Many factors go into choosing an event venue. For local events, for instance, you might be interested in finding a location that is accessible to most attendees. If the attendants are coming from distant places, you might explore the possibility of having the event venue near an airport or a hotel. Moreover, it would help if you pay attention to other factors, such as the availability of parking space, traffic, and transportation.


After settling for a location, you also need to ensure that the venue can comfortably accommodate all attendants. And this could mean going for a slightly larger venue. As far as the capacity goes, it is also essential to look at the minimum food and beverage amounts (F&B minimums) and other amenities. This calls for some deliberations between the event planner and the host.


As much as you might have settled on a venue with ample space, you also need to pay attention to things such as the nature of activities, amenities, and guests’ needs. This means that the layout plays a vital role in an event. It would help if you looked at an illustrated floor plan, paying close attention to a range of details such as location and number of outlets, availability of stage for a keynote speaker, and door locations.


It would help if you also considered the existing decor inside the venue. This means assessing the architectural features and their suitability to your event. For instance, if you are hosting an expo, you might require a different ambiance than that needed for a gala. The more the atmosphere matches your desired event, the better it is for you as you will need less decoration to do.


Event planners should plan with everyone in mind. This means that you also need to pay attention to the needs of individuals with special needs. It is advisable to start by understanding who your attendee will be, to ensure you get everything right. You might start by getting a list for small events, but it is always vital that you plan with a big picture in mind.

Getting the ‘perfect’ venue calls for due diligence. But with serious planning, you can never go wrong.

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